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You must be 17 years of age or younger to submit unless it's for The Mailbox or Words of Wisdom.  If your submission is accepted for print you will receive that issue complimentary!

Submissions for the May/June 2014 issue must be in by March 14th

Questions for Mrs. Hesse need to be submitted by February 28th.


Submission Guidelines:

In order to have submissions accepted for print in Titus 2 Women, A Young Lady’s Journal,  reader poems, or any other article with spiritual content, we would ask that you please be sure your submission agrees with our Statement of Faith.  We would also ask that any submissions remain non-denominational in content so please do not include references to any particular church group.  If you have questions or are uncertain about something, please let us know!  This is in order to ensure that our magazine remains Biblically sound as we take seriously our accountability to God (Matthew 18:6) and so that we will not be associated with any particular denomination.  We reserve the right to edit or chose not to print a submission, but we will always inform you of our decisions and the reasons for them.


The Mailbox:  We love to hear from readers!   Send to letters@growinginvirtue.com or mail to Growing in Virtue Mailbox, P.O. Box 656, Bovill, Idaho, 83806.

Ask Mrs. Hesse (Reader Questions):  Have a question about something?  Mrs. Wanda Hesse will answer your questions about any subject covered in the magazine.  Send to questions@growinginvirtue.com or mail to Growing in Virtue Questions, P.O. Box 656, Bovill, Idaho, 83806.

Send submissions for the following departments to submissions@growinginvirtue.com or mail to Growing in Virtue Submissions, P.O. Box 656, Bovill, Idaho, 83806.

Funny You Should Ask… (Reader Humor):  Make us laugh!  We’d love to hear about your embarrassing or humorous happenings or send us your favorite joke. 

Readers Share:  If you’ve taken a photo, done some artwork, or written a short poem you would like to share, we'd love for you to share it with us!  Images must be at a minimum of 4x6 inches and 300 dpi.  If your not sure whether you photo will work or not, let us help!  Go ahead and send it and we will take a look.  We can also make conversions our end.

Tips and Hints:  Have a tried and true clever tip that makes a task easier?  How about a hint for making the home nicer or more comfortable? 

A Young Lady’s Journal:  An article featuring a young lady of interest and her ministry/gifts.  These will be written by the young lady herself.   If you know someone who others would find interesting to read about (yourself included), submit their name, a little about them, and why you think they should be featured.  There is no specific deadline for nominations.  When a nominee is chosen, we will plan which issue they will be in and send them instructions.

Titus 2 Women:   We want to hear about the Godly women, either past or present, who have inspired you and/or mentored you to grow in Christ.  Essays should be 750-1000 words and submitted as an attachment with your email.  You may include 1-3 images that should be 3x5 and 300 dpi.

Cover Photos:  We pay for cover photos!  Send us your images and if we choose yours to use, you'll earn $50!  Photos must be your own, or if you are in them, include permission to use from the person who took it.  Girls in the photos must be modestly dressed with sleeved shirts and long skirts/or pants.  We will be looking for photos that fit the topics being covered, so check out the latest issue we are working on to get an idea.  



New Submission Opportunity!


Words of Wisdom

Since so many older ladies have subscribed, we thought we would tap into their experience.  Starting with our March/April issue, we will have a column  called "Words of Wisdom".  We would love to hear from older ladies who can offer the bits of wisdom they have learned through the years!  This is a chance for the older women to teach the younger!  Deadlines and guidelines are the same as for other submissions.  submissions@growinginvirtue.com

Please indicate whether you would like your full name included or not.  For those of you who wish, you can include your age.

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