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Some time ago, the Lord began leading us to start a print magazine for girls.  When we couldn't find anything for our daughter that was what she was looking for, we felt His call to do it ourselves.   It took Him a while to convince us that this was what we were supposed to do since it seemed like such an overwhelming task, but we finally decided to be obedient.  Thus, Growing in Virtue, a bi-monthly magazine for girls age 12-17, was born.  It's focus is to teach practical skills to girls that will help them fulfill their God-given roles.  

We want this task God has given us to truly honor and glorify Him.  At the beginning of each magazine we have our statement of beliefs.  We also have guidelines for those who regularly write for us and for those who would like to submit to ensure that each magazine remains biblical in content.  We want this to be a trusted source of information!

We would love to hear your honest feedback!  Tell us what you think and what you would like to see!  We are always looking for submissions so check out our submissions page!

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Mission Statement

The purpose and mission of Growing in Virtue magazine is to teach and guide girls in how to practically and selflessly fulfill the Biblical roles God intends them to live out as women, wives, and mothers and to help them grow in wisdom and fear and love of the Lord.  Focus is on the feminine arts of homemaking, hospitality, and running a household, as well as gardening, related farm activities, Bible study, and character training.  Girls also have an opportunity to learn by example through the stories of Godly girls and women.

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Who subscribes to Growing in Virtue?  

It's not just girls ages 12-17!  We have subscribers from just about every age from kindergarten to great-grandmothers!  We were not prepared for this, but we think it is wonderful!  Growing in Virtue's approach and content apparently appeals to all ages!  

And where are all of our subscribers found?  

They come from a wide variety of lifestyles from city-living to off-grid.  There is something for everyone!  We are now found in 40 states and 5 countries!  In addition, we have sent single issues to numerous other countries with many of the magazines traveling to missionary families and other outreach.  



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