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Welcome American Heritage Girls!


As part of our partnership with AHG, we are offering members a chance to earn an activity patch!  This is what you will need to do:

· Subscribe to the magazine.

· Complete two projects  from any of the 6 issues during the course of your subscription.

· Send photographs of the projects and short write-ups about them to editor@growinginvirtue.com.  (Please include what troop you are from!)  You  may also mail it to Growing in Virtue, PO Box 656, Bovill, Idaho, 83806.

Inside each magazine there will be a list of things in that issue that will count towards a patch.  We will also be including that list here.  Once we receive your photos,short write-up of the projects you have chosen and completed, and your troop information, we will issue you a patch (shown bottom left).  This information can all be found on the AHG website, as well as our own.





 Families with more than one daughter involved in AHG need only to purchase ONE subscription!  


Younger girls are also welcome to participate.




July/August Issue Projects that count towards a patch:

  • Make and use one of the cleaners from page 22 of The Essentials section.  We would love to know how it worked for you!
  • Make one of the recipes from The Kitchen section, pages 26-30.
  • Make the place mat from The Sewing section, pg 52.
  • Make the napkin from The Sewing section, pg 57.
  • Make the hair band featured in our Handiwork section, pg 60.
  • Make a flower arrangement using the information found in the Decorative Arts section, pg 66.
  • Throw an outdoor party using the information found in the Thinking of You section, pg 74.
  • Make a chain following the instructions in The Hope Chest, pg 88.
  • Make the dandelion lemonade on page 92 of the Healthy Living column










 September/October Issue Projects that count towards a patch:

  • Make a storage area for food (The Essentials, pg 15)
  • Can some produce (The Kitchen, pg 21)
  • Get a garden ready for winter (The Garden, pg 31)
  • Make a canning apron (Sewing, pg 51)
  • Wash and prepare a fleece (Handiwork, pg 59)
  • Sew wool-filled ‘balls’ (Handiwork, pg 65)
  • Make teacup candles (Decorative Arts, pg 67)
  • Make peppermint tea (Thinking of You, pg 75)
  • Make lemonade (Thinking of You, pg 76)
  • Make fresh salsa (Thinking of You, pg 77)
  • Learn to single-crochet (For the Hope Chest, pg 87)
  • Make the raspberry ice-box cake (Healthy Living, pg 92)















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