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Wendi Gunter,  Publisher and Executive Director

Wendi and her husband, Steve, own Hearts Toward Home Publications.  Along with the business, they homeschool their four children and have a small family farm.  She enjoys reading, gardening, sewing, art, being outdoors, and learning new things.  She is grateful for all the life experiences and wonderful people God has brought her way in order to help bring this magazine to fruition!




Elsa Gunter, Executive Editor

Elsa is Steve and Wendi's daughter.  Not only is she Executive Editor, but she writes Ms. Elsa's Review, the book and product review column for the magazine.  She also acts as advisor and approves the subjects we cover, as well as the articles before they go to print.  An avid reader who plows through books, she enjoys all the same hobbies and interests as her mother, but has much more creative flair with a generous side of out-of-the-box thinking.




Bev Beals, Senior Editor

Bev began by graciously and tirelessly proofreading and providing editing suggestions for all 96 pages of the magazine.  Then, we realized she was doing much more than that and promoted her!  She has 14 years of experience proof-reading homeschooling papers and still enjoys it!  When she's not checking articles, helping run office, or brainstorming with us, she enjoys many different activities including reading, gardening, and spending time with her three daughters.  We don't know what we would do without her good eye, patience, and cheerful spirit!  Especially when proofing articles that have been written during the wee hours!




Naphtali Foster, Associate Editor/Photographer

Naphtali delights in photography and is excited to share that delight with the world.  She’s mostly self taught with some help from other photographer friends and the world wide web.  She’s also had the chance to study writing for children under the Institute of Children’s Literature. Spending six months in East Africa helped her both hone in on her joy of writing through keeping a blog, and also made her and her camera the best of friends. Naphtali loves seeing people's personalities shine through photographs. She drinks tea everyday, loves her old and faithful black dog named Callie, and hopes to be a light for Jesus the rest of her life!




Linda Foster, Associate Editor

We are excited to have Linda join our staff!  Not only does she help with proofreading and editing, but she also helps put together some of our sections.  Linda is full of life and talent. She's famous for her cookies, can bake just about anything and make it taste spectacular, and she can cook too! She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. When she's not with them, you can find her reading, scrapbooking, or playing the piano. She teaches music lessons, leads the music team at her church, and serves Jesus in so many other ways. Linda is a lovely woman of God who brightens lots of lives.




Charlene Polek, Subscriptions/Records

Charlene handles our subscriptions and databases.  Although she enjoys office work, having spent 13 years as a school secretary and in-house database developer, she considers herself a true country girl!  She grew up in a hunting family and carries this tradition on with her husband and two college-age daughters.  Her hobbies include hiking, quilting, and crocheting.  Being friends with neighbors for miles around and being surrounded by fields, trees, and wildlife, are two of her favorite things about living in rural America!  We love her can-do attitude and her seemingly constant cheerfulness!




 Wanda Hesse, Contributing Editor

Wanda is in charge of our question and answer column, Ask Mrs. Hesse.  She is a homemaker and knitting/crocheting nut who likes to stay busy.  Raised on a small farm, she is now married with 4 boys who they homeschool.  Lest you think she might not know girlie with all those boys, she is also one of five girls.  And running a household of all males calls for some heavy duty homemaking skills and a large sense of humor!   There isn't much with which she hasn't had experience!




  Elaine Nibler, Contributing Editor

Elaine write the Lessons in Frugality and Matters of Heart columns.  She and her husband, Steve, have been married for 30 years and have 8 children and 3 grandchildren.  They live on 40 acres in Idaho and, with the help of their children still at home, make do in many ways that include gardening and dairy. With her huge heart and her strong desire to faithfully serve God,  we think she is a perfect fit for the columns she writes!




  Kristie Miller, Contributing Editor

Kristie writes the magazine's Healthy Living column.  She is a Family Herbalist and Nutritional Herbologist who studied herbs and nutrition through The School of Natural healing and is a trained Vitalist.  She believes that God created our bodies to function correctly, and when given the nutritional support it needs, the body can repair damage caused by injury and/or disease.  She says, "We work with and support the body’s efforts to clean out toxins, we do not suppress them.  'We are fearfully and wonderfully made.' "




 Melissa Beals, Contributing Editor

Melissa heads the magazine's For the Hope Chest department.  Her throughness, attention to detail, and friendly writing style make her a perfect match for how-to lessons.  Recently graduated, she enjoys handiwork projects, including knitting, crocheting, quilting, tatting, and embroidery.  She also likes baking, gardening, studying natural living, and playing the piano.  One day she would like to be an organic farmer and homesteader.  Her 'above-and-beyond' attitude means we are never short on well thought out material!



   Abigail Spence, Department Layout

Abigail is almost 16 years old and loves anything having to do with computers.  She has taken Computer Science, Image Design and Editing, Web design, and plans on taking Digital Art next year in school.  She has always enjoyed working with pictures, creating borders, and finding colorful backgrounds for documents.  Abigail considers it a pleasure and privilege to be able to work on the Growing in Virtue magazine.  We are very happy she is on board as a 'techie' with an artistic eye!  She is homeschooled and lives in northern Idaho












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